Re-Elect Mike Jakubo

Value for Money

The 2015-2018 budget period has seen the highest level of capital reinvestment in our City's history, nearly doubling that of the previous term of Council.  At the same time, budgets from 2015-2018 have presented taxpayers with the lowest average tax rate increase of any Council of the City of Greater Sudbury.

This has been achieved by breaking down the silos that existed in 2014 in what was a very guarded and protective departmental administration and annual envelope budget system. The City now operates with a more concentrated administration, focused on the success of the entire organization.  What many people may not know is that in 2015 Council told staff to find $6Million in operating savings and that could only be done by taking a hard look at the way services were being staffed, and in the end 40 full time positions were cut through attrition. This means that our staff are currently functioning in the most efficient manner possible while following all Provincial guidelines, therefore, delivering the same quality of service in the most cost-effective manner possible.