Re-elect Mike Jakubo


Public Transit and Bike Paths

Greater Sudbury has a vast circuit of public transit which a resident can use to get from one end of the city to the other.  This is not ideal for everyone all the time, but for most, public transit should be a viable option, if not every day, then at least a few days each week.  Biking is also a big part of sustainable transportation and the City has made bike paths a part of many road projects. This being said, the City must do better on all fronts.  Public transit must remain affordable and available to all residents and can be better promoted through rewarding frequent riders with better discounts and by having more free ride occasions to show residents how efficient transit can be in getting someone from point A to point B.  Bike paths need to be constructed properly and not as an afterthought where part of an existing lane is marked off for portions of a road making bikes weave in and out of marked lanes.  This is not safe for the cyclist or drivers. Where a new road project has had bike paths approved, they need to be full, continuous lanes for the safety of all involved. This will promote cycling as means of safe transportation.


Eat Local

Eating locally grown produce and meats benefits the City in many ways from the farmer who has better sales and can afford to increase their crops or herd, to the consumer who gets the freshest food possible, not food that has sat on a transport for a week before hitting the shelves, and anyone who does eat local will tell you that it simply tastes better!  Greater Sudbury has many farmers, some of whom supply area restaurants, some of whom supply area farmers markets and some of whom grow enough to feed them and their next door neighbours with enough cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini to last the summer.  Some of these farmers have even garnered the rare label of certified organic, like Ward 7 and Garson's own McGrow's Farms and Gardens down Goodwill Road.  Mike Jakubo supports our local farmers and encourages Greater Sudburians to do the same and will encourage more local community gardens like the one located on Ste. Anne Road.  Projects like these are low cost and promote a great community environment. 

If you can't easily get out to a local farm, Farmer's markets are also a great means of supporting local farmers. Mike supports a real home for our downtown farmers' market and thinks we should celebrate other markets the one Wednesday's at Andreson Farm, as they bring local farmers and Greater Sudburians closer together and show that our City truly values eating local.


Water Conservation

Water is our most precious environmental resource and we must work as a entire City to protect it.  Ward 7 is home to our City's largest lake in Lake Wanapitei; a lake that also serves as the start of one of our two critical watersheds in the Wahnapitae River, leading to one of two water treatment plants.  Mike strongly believes that conservation of water must be respected in City planning and growth decisions. We are fortunate that our two main watersheds have not been compromised like Ramsay Lake has with its blue-green algae issues and only more education of residents will ensure the full success of any conservation strategy.