Re-Elect Mike Jakubo

Roads and Infrastructure

Roads, roads, roads are always the most important issue for taxpayers and residents.  True, if our roads are not properly designed and maintained, commerce is impeded, daily routines are up ended, active and public transportation suffer and the infrastructure under the roadways (our water and sewer network) costs more to repair and replace.

That is why our Council has invested heavily in roads and water and sewer renewal. In Ward 7 alone we have seen major stretches of MR 86, MR 89 and MR 84 have the road base renewed and the surface repaved.  And residents will note that it has not just been the typical shave and pave as contractors have been held the tendered quality of the end product, having to come back in the cases of MR 86 and MR 84 and perform micro grinding activities to ensure a smooth and none porous surface. Wider shoulders with rumble strips have also been added to allow for safer cycling and walking.

The City is also in the final stages of its water and wastewater master plan, which looks out 50 years to see if our current water sources will have enough supply for the future and if our current infrastructure will have the capacity to handle the increase in demand. This process has started to focus our City's spending where it is most needed, our older water and sewer lines.  That focused preventative maintenance has resulted in fewer water main breaks in the last two years, even in some very cold temperatures, and has allowed even more money to be spent on similar preventative work which will continue to benefit residents and businesses for decades to come.

Maley Drive Extension
The $80.1Million Phase 1 is on time and under budget such that it will allow for an added stretch of Maley from Barrydowne Road to just east of Lansing Avenue to be completed.  Phase 1 also includes the complete re construction and resurfacing of the existing Maley Drive the rest of the way to Falconbridge Road.

For Ward 7 residents and businesses, the Maley Drive Extension provides a no fuss, east-west option to get across the City.  It also takes pressure off of Lasalle Boulevard, Radar Road, and the Kingsway, making it all around easier to get where you need to go in the City.

This project was cost shared 3 ways with the Provincial and Federal Governments.

Kingsway Entertainment District (KED)
Finally a project that Greater Sudburians an afford and one that is many years past due, a new arena that will also function as a proper centre for all types of events, whether on the ice, the court or on stage.  The City's investment in the KED is budgeted at $100Million and will leverage at least another $100Million in complimentary investment in the form of a larger Gateway Casino as well as a private hotel development.  That will all be contained within the ring road, but all the property around that is also ready for development as well. 

For Ward 7 residents, this will provide a new centre that is closer to home and more accessible to all areas of the ward.