Sustainable growth and development is the only way we will create more good jobs which will increase our population & tax base and lessen the incremental tax impact on property owners.  We must promote this by:

- Making the affordable strategic investments necessary to support new growth by not only providing the necessary infrastructure or focused development incentives like Community Improvement Plans, but also by demonstrating our City's confidence in itself!

- Continuing to align the planning and building application process into an efficient 'one-stop-shop' where all your questions can be answered up front and developers have all the information they need to make sound development decisions and investments

- Being open and accepting as a City and as a business community in pursuing opportunities to bring new industry & investment to Greater Sudbury

​Economic Development

Quality of Life may be the single most important factor in determining whether or not you want to attend College or University, raise a family, live or grow old in Greater Sudbury. We need to continue to invest in our recreational & social infrastructure in order to keep up the momentum by:

- Revitalizing more of our playgrounds like what has happened at Metcalfe and will happen this year at Penman because our playgrounds are places for children of all ages to play and have pride in.

- Invest in better skate parks & other facilities to positively engage our Youth and Teens

- Continue to support for our Seniors’ Centres which provide a place of community and companionship 

- Continue to provide affordable recreation programming for residents of all ages whether it’s Kid’s Summer Camps, Fitness Classes, Pickle Ball or Indoor Walking

- More Affordable Housing for Seniors to allow our older adults to age in place & stay connected

- Public safety comprises services that account for 1/3 of our City's budget (Police/Fire/EMS). These are services we never want to have to use, but the ones we most want to be there in an instant when we need them! I will continue to support smart public safety initiatives in EMS and Fire which will yield a better result for our people and our emergency services workers as well.    

- Making smart investments in Public Transit an re-thinking routes and timing to ensure that transit is available when the residents and businesses of Ward 7 most need it  


When our community is connected & informed, it is engaged.  There was no better example of this that the June 2017 Council Meeting to select the location of our new Event Centre. Residents were informed and our meeting viewership that evening was off the charts! We may not achieve that level of engagement again for some time, but will still do our best to:

- Communicate and work with the Ward’s community groups and not-for-profits to tackle important issues & accomplish meaningful projects for Ward 7

- Continue to be the most accessible and open Councillor I can be being able to be reached by phone or e-mail, or on Facebook and Twitter (see my media page for all the contact info)

- Actively attend & participate in every community event possible whether it's serving blueberry pancakes in Skead, taking the hot seat in the dunk tank at Capreol Days or helping with roadside clean ups across the Ward

- Work towards establishing a Youth Advisory Panel which can take a closer look at the ever evolving issues impacting our young population including youth out-migration, engagement & volunteerism, and risks & support

​Community Engagement

Infrastructure is what connects our community on our roads, in our public spaces and which provides the necessity of clean & safe drinking water. Being the largest City in Ontario means we have a lot of infrastructure to take care of and we need to continue to invest in capital renewal by: 

- Maintaining our high level of investments in critical road repair & replacement all strengthened by the City’s  warranty program which you have seen in action on Skead Road & MR 84 

- Increasing our investments in local & gravel road maintenance and replacement

- Completing important projects like the realignment of MR 89 into Falconbridge

- Better active transportation links, like multi-use pedestrian and cycling paths which will connect Falconbridge, Garson and New Sudbury and a pedestrian trail which will connect Capreol and Hanmer

Mike is very proud of the work he has done since being elected in 2014, and those results stand for themselves!  Yet, while the last four years have started to turn our City around, there is still work to be done. Mike's priorities are achievable with the support of other levels of Government as well as a focused City staff; and with the responsible growth we will foster they are also highly affordable offering taxpayers excellent value for money.

The Next 4 Years

Re-Elect Mike Jakubo

Quality of Life