Re-Elect Mike Jakubo

Parks & Recreation

This has been a real passion of mine these last 4 years!  Since before being elected I have understood our City's recreation challenges well and how the City was not equitable in how recreation opportunities were developed either for our youth, older adults or any of our residents.  

In Ward 7 we did not have all the amenities we deserved and we had the oldest playgrounds in the City.

I am proud to have personally presented the 2015 budget option which set aside $50,000 as starter funds for splash pads in Garson and Capreol, as listed in the City's 2014 Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan. These splash ads in Doug Mohns Park in Capreol and Lions Park in Garson were opened this summer.

Council has also initiated the Playground Revitalization Strategy with the help of the United Way.  That will see at least one playground per Ward upgraded each year.  That will address all of the oldest playgrounds in our City and Ward 7.

I have also supported Ward organizations in their efforts to get better soccer nets, better ice times, indoor winter walking at our arenas, continued support for their facilities, and the most affordable registrations possible.