Splash pads

​In the 2010 capital budget, City staff identified special provincial funding that would have paid in full for 7 new splash pads across Greater Sudbury, including one in Garson and one in Capreol.  These fully funded items were then voted down by Council of the day.  Now, such splash pads are out of reach for families in Ward 7.  Mike Jakubo will work with City staff and community groups, through the budget process or a redefined Healthy Community Initiative Program, to make splash pads a reality for Ward 7 so that families don't have to drive everywhere else in the City for this amazing child friendly amenity.


Playgrounds, arenas and other outdoor facilities

Our ward's playgrounds, arenas, walking trails, outdoor rinks, soccer and baseball fields, tennis courts, skate parks and other like venues should be bright, well kept areas where all ages of children, parents and seniors can go to remain healthy and active and spend time with friends and family.   Unfortunately, these facilities are old and in need of proper maintenance or renewal.  I have seen these problems first hand, from the park with only one baby swing and one regular swing so two friends cannot swing together, to heaving tennis courts that are not playable, to soccer fields with nets so old they don't stand up on their own, the list could go on.  Mike Jakubo is telling you is that if we renew these facilities to full functionality, they will be attractive to our residents again and they will be used, so let's get to it.  Mike will also work to ensure that these facilities are accessible to all residents so that children don't have to cross busy roads to access an outdoor rink, that we use our ward's natural settings for walking trails and that playgrounds offer children of all ages and abilities an equal opportunity for fun and enjoyment.

Arts, culture and libraries

Arts and culture are an important ingredient in any progressive community and Greater Sudbury is fortunate to have many such amenities.  We have an art gallery in a historic local building as well as others, various theatres that play host to multiple productions and theatre companies and libraries in all amalgamated communities.  Let us celebrate our City's current arts and culture amenities and foster the talent that has grown in our area. 

Re-elect Mike Jakubo