Re-Elect Mike Jakubo

Accountability and Transparency

In the last 4 years, as both the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Audit Committee, Mike has helped establish the Office of the Auditor General as a permanent position in the City, establish a Wrongdoing Hotline which has allowed for proper segregation between regular 311 calls and more serious wrongdoing claims.  This process has been applauded by the Ombudsman for Ontario whenever complaints have been made.

The new process has allowed for the proper resources to be allocated to each call and now has allowed all processes to be up to date.

This Council has also only held closed meetings when it is specifically required by the Municipal Act and these details are such that they must be kept private either for the privacy or protection of employees or the City.

Council has also established the role of an Integrity Commissioner who will begin the role December 1st, 2018.

Mike has also been fully accessible to Ward 7's residents, businesses and not for profit groups; working hard to re-establish the link between the Councillor and Ward 7 voters by answering questions, addressing concerns and meeting requests. He is always providing the most information and answers possible on social media (Facebook and Twitter), through town hall meetings, in newsletters, and by answering phone calls and emails in what has been described many times as a very concise and "to the point" manner.​

Mike fully understands his role as a Councillor to be one of a decision maker overseeing the policies and operations of the City, not as the manager or snow plow operator clearing the streets.  The role is one of governance which Mike understands from his extensive experience working with not for profit boards and other municipalities.

Mike also understands that the role of Councillor is one of being the liaison between the City and residents and businesses, ensuring that the most factual information is communicated, allowing for the most meaningful feedback to be garnered from residents and then allowing Mike to weigh the facts and opinions and make the best decisions for the residents and businesses of Ward 7 and the City as a whole.

It is this proper understanding which has fostered a mutual respect between Mike and City staff at all levels and that is how Mike has been able to deliver such consistently strong results over the last 4 years!